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Mecho   thank you :)
Mecholol!! :)
DIABLO 3 (Honest Game Trailers)
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Beauni   makes me so wanna play diablo tonight
Mecho   do it, get it out of your system! :)
MechoIt isn't true F2P but it isn't P2W either...system allows for game time to be purchased using ingame currency. Not that I would consider F2P to start with as the restrictions are enough to limit my playstyle. Good write up though.
Hands On With ArcheAge, Where Players Rule The World
From a distance, ArcheAge may appear wholly unremarkable to some. Despite a gorgeous fantasy backdrop populated by countless players, creatures, and plant life, it looks just like ...
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yea... why are gone, bad things happening ;) I joined Protocol, because, the way people was helping in Infamous felt more how i want to have it. See u online soon
FFS! everytime I go away the guild changes, I can't keep up with it all ha! :) Oh well where you guys go I will follow....tbh I don't think either guild has been a good fit for my style its hard to get a KC or GHA group in the guild..
they were not happy with some stuff... and several old Infamous member were not happy how things was... so a new guild was born
why did they do that Vinc?
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