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MechoTrying this today, the memory leak has been random for me but a pain nonetheless. Sharing in case other experience the same issue with large amounts of system memory being used and slowing performance.
MAJOR memory leak on Windows 10 Pro x64 [Killer Network Issu...
Welcome to the Steam Client Beta group. Opting in to the Steam Client Beta lets you see the latest features before they're released. You can find out how to opt in to a beta here: ...
crysishc4l   lol i had that issue since day 1 with windows 10 xD just install a nother version of killer network and disable network controll and you are done my friend ;D
crysishc4l   (its not only with steam but every thing that goes over p2p btw ;D
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Mecho   thanks Bou ;)
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MechoSo The Division Beta.. PC, imo a very good game great for casuals ;) 5 hours play today and not a single crash or hitch in ultra settings with a GTX 780ti. Not brave enough yet to venture into the dark zone. Have yet to try the group play either.
Fisheye   PVE missions looks really fun if you are a few, cant wait till i can play it too :d
Mecho   PvE is better than I expected and so is the PvP, I have spent more time in pew pew than i have doing missions the rogue agent mechanic is great and it seems to reduce gank squads. Dying as a rogue agent means you lose a lot more than normal..I quite enjoyed it and I normally hate pvp cos I suck at it lol
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The Division beta code available in latest Humble Weekly Bun...
The Division beta code? That should be the headline act. Tom Clancy is back for another go round at the Humble Weekly Bundle, giving you another chance to snaffle a huge pile of Ub...
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Well i would pick A since B does not look like it will swim very well anymore without its backfin and A could give me a lift to habited land.
Pick B and you will be thinking of me all the time ;);)
[link] I think il pick B
[link] this game looks promising, i always wanted to try one of those monster hunter games
Looking forward to that one too :d