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SWTOR Lucky Kill
World boss kill
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Fisheye   have update the game, im a sub so where are you so we can go sunbathing(nude) on Tatooine.......
Mecho   haha I will be on later with any luck, did you get invite to guild previously and have access to GoP mumble?
Fisheye   got an invite but it was to the wrong guild :)
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Mecho   thank you :)
Mecholol!! :)
DIABLO 3 (Honest Game Trailers)
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Beauni   makes me so wanna play diablo tonight
Mecho   do it, get it out of your system! :)
MechoIt isn't true F2P but it isn't P2W either...system allows for game time to be purchased using ingame currency. Not that I would consider F2P to start with as the restrictions are enough to limit my playstyle. Good write up though.
Hands On With ArcheAge, Where Players Rule The World
From a distance, ArcheAge may appear wholly unremarkable to some. Despite a gorgeous fantasy backdrop populated by countless players, creatures, and plant life, it looks just like ...
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Nice, i miss Bob Ross :"(
omba vid, happy happy clouds for everyone
[link] happy clouds!
fun? i would shit myself! :)
[link] the this looks like fun