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Warcraft - Warcraft | Official Trailer | Facebook
Two worlds. One home. Watch the worldwide debut of the #WarcraftMovie trailer now.
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Naria Onath   created a new thread A1 And A2 Runs on Friday+Saturday 5PM GMT in the General Skyforge Discussion forum
Naria Onath   created a new thread A2 Distortion "Lorro The Cold" cleared by The Order in the The Order forum
Naria Onath   created a new thread A1 Distortion cleared by The Order in the The Order forum
Mecho   created a new thread Repopulation mob cons, explanation in the General Discussion forum
MechoA guide to the combat system. It is a lot more in-depth than it first appears. I wasn't aware of the FPS and RPG combat modes! Anyway hope some might find it useful. This is a work in progress but I am keen to support indie developers that are trying to make the games we all want and will last for more than a month :)
The Repopulation - A SciFi Sandbox MMORPG - Combat System
Designing the Combat System for The Repopulation was one of our more difficult tasks. We wanted to create fast paced combat, while at the same time adding to the strategic elements...
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Boudica   You guys never give up!!
Mecho   hahah I am still playing Skyforge, I just like this game and it will be great once it releases ;)
Boudica   So its in beta?
MechoSnowboots ready!!! Download ready!! Bring it on!!! :)
Star Wars Battlefront Beta
Coming in early October to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC, the Star Wars Battlefront Beta will feature Walker Assault on Hoth, a 40-player multiplayer battle featuri...
MechoLMAO!!!!! This is wrong on so may levels!!!
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Fisheye   yeah, they arent pink!!!!!!!!!!!
Glucca   I would say a Llama had his way with a poor sheep :)
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[Sneak Peek] Diminishing returns in PVP
This is a very short sneak peek, about just one thing that a lot of PVP enthusiasts wanted to have in Skyforge. In last big patch on RU just recently there Diminishing returns adde...
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d3 set item dungeons look nice [link]
Same here, looking for vegeteables for my garden
yeah me too!!
Woohoooo! Fallout 4! Cya in a couple years :)
D3 2.4 patch, the xp gap betwin solo vs mp is closing, mp will be better becouse of all the buffs, more news at blizzcon