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[SCG] Collection of guides (Both EU/NA Guides included!)
SCG] Collection of guides (Both EU/NA Guides included!)
Fisheye   Looks good and im gonna read it, but still it doesnt fix/explain why the 5 man we are getting are impossible.
Mecho[link] some help for us whiners :)
[SCG] Yokai's V2 guide to managing difficulty via Prestige/P...
This is an expanded version of a guide I posted earlier. This version more clearly explains a few concepts that I still had a lot of questions about in the first version. This vers...
Mecho   quickest way to farm class sparks..actually isnt too bad :) I got really pissed off with this game but I WILL max my Monk before I completely quit lol :) X
Mecho   [link]
Mecho   i got about 500+ class sparks in an hour doing the port on hard level
Mecho30.5k prestige! :)
Crucible of the Gods - Massive Update Coming August 11
Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment and are excited to announce the Skyforge "Crucible of the Gods", the first major game update, which will arrive to Aelion on August 11th....
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Mecho   don't think i will be be playing it much anyways can't see me hitting 10k lol!! I hate pugs! :)
Boudica   I like the game it self, but i dont like the limits of everything. i mostly play solo, pugs can be ok
MechoMonk it is then! Tried Archer which was cool and Necromancer but Monk has my vote for now :) Time to grind!!
Skyforge - Monk gameplay
Uploaded by Darkaction13 on 2015-03-26.
Fisheye   Tried Monk this morning too and they was cool, gonna try Slayer soon but first of all im gonna unloch Archer......almost there :)
MechoOk so The Division and Star Wars:Battlefront need to be pre-ordered!! Question is....PC or PS4?
umitozdemir   willu guys play SWtor with new expansion?
Mecho   probably will am a sucker for SWToR ;)
Beauni   depends what else is out at that moment, but will prolly check it out
MechoSo, thoughts on The Division PvP trailer or the Star Wars Battlefront game footage or SWToR expansion CGI? Anything else people are getting excited seeing?
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Mecho   thanks Fishy!! :) X
Mechooh oh oh!! :)
Star Wars™ Battlefront - Official Site
Immerse yourself in the ultimate Star Wars video game experience with Star Wars Battlefront.
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Aleas   it's going to be awesome :)
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Mechoit is starting :)
First Closed Beta Event Announced, Founder's Packs Revealed, the Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment have announced that the first Skyforge closed beta event will kick off on March 11th. The event will last for a week with access ...
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Beauni   still have to think about wich package
Mecho   hahah fellow addicts!! ;)
Fisheye   All classes in Skyforge here, and damn the Alchemist looks so cool i want to play it now :)

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if any of you lot that have lots of argents on your toons in skyforge I could use them in the guild I joined! ;) The Order it's fairly laid back and funny bunch ;)
Not sure if any of you still watches defiance but so far i think it ended quite satisfying
Boom! Divine Atlas unlocked :) more grinding required!! :)
I bet you guys where all turned on by that fat guy in the class twerking it out
i am in!!! :)