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MechoSnowboots ready!!! Download ready!! Bring it on!!! :)
Star Wars Battlefront Beta
Coming in early October to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC, the Star Wars Battlefront Beta will feature Walker Assault on Hoth, a 40-player multiplayer battle featuri...
MechoLMAO!!!!! This is wrong on so may levels!!!
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Fisheye   yeah, they arent pink!!!!!!!!!!!
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[Sneak Peek] Diminishing returns in PVP
This is a very short sneak peek, about just one thing that a lot of PVP enthusiasts wanted to have in Skyforge. In last big patch on RU just recently there Diminishing returns adde...
Logic   created a new thread Ts Server new ip in the General Skyforge Discussion forum
MechoMassive patch, the slayer finally gets a nerf and some classes get a decent buff as well as some other decent changes...but also some not so great e.g DPS meter ;)
Aelion's Call Patch Notes
UPDATES Important Removed Clans: Pantheons now consist of a single list of members and commanders. Reworked the Core upgrade system found within the Ascension Atlas. Due to the Cor...
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Fisheye   Will they fix the scaling in dungeons? i tried to do one a few days ago and it was easy and i got owned from the first group of mobs :/
Mecho   when you are bored of D3 I will talk you through it Fishy ;)
Fisheye   Just tried a dungeon and got owned and that was an easy one, still not fixed the scaling....... time to uninstall that crap maybe.
Skyforge Gift Pack Giveaway! - has partnered with Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment to give away Gift Pack keys for Skyforge. Grab one while supplies last! Each key grants: 14 days of Premium Mem...
MechoHave to say that this is looking really good, love the models and the animations and the combat looks like it will be cool as well!! A long wait for this one though :)
Crowfall - Combat Strike Team, Milestone 1
Game development starts with stacks of Post-it® notes, index...
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Alex   created a new thread News 5/9/15 - Don't Be Afraid of Your Vagina in the General Skyforge Discussion forum
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that was quite funny ;)
Hey There Kadala Pt 2. [link]
no!!! FPS and co-op get it Bou it's free beta :)
another mmo?
Mecho69 add me on Origin for's good...very very good :)