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Mecho30.5k prestige! :)
Crucible of the Gods - Massive Update Coming August 11
Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment and are excited to announce the Skyforge "Crucible of the Gods", the first major game update, which will arrive to Aelion on August 11th....
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Mecho   don't think i will be be playing it much anyways can't see me hitting 10k lol!! I hate pugs! :)
Boudica   I like the game it self, but i dont like the limits of everything. i mostly play solo, pugs can be ok
MechoMonk it is then! Tried Archer which was cool and Necromancer but Monk has my vote for now :) Time to grind!!
Skyforge - Monk gameplay
Uploaded by Darkaction13 on 2015-03-26.
Fisheye   Tried Monk this morning too and they was cool, gonna try Slayer soon but first of all im gonna unloch Archer......almost there :)
MechoOk so The Division and Star Wars:Battlefront need to be pre-ordered!! Question is....PC or PS4?
umitozdemir   willu guys play SWtor with new expansion?
Mecho   probably will am a sucker for SWToR ;)
Beauni   depends what else is out at that moment, but will prolly check it out
MechoSo, thoughts on The Division PvP trailer or the Star Wars Battlefront game footage or SWToR expansion CGI? Anything else people are getting excited seeing?
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Mecho   thanks Fishy!! :) X
Mechooh oh oh!! :)
Star Wars™ Battlefront - Official Site
Immerse yourself in the ultimate Star Wars video game experience with Star Wars Battlefront.
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Aleas   it's going to be awesome :)
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Mechoit is starting :)
First Closed Beta Event Announced, Founder's Packs Revealed, the Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment have announced that the first Skyforge closed beta event will kick off on March 11th. The event will last for a week with access ...
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Beauni   still have to think about wich package
Mecho   hahah fellow addicts!! ;)
Fisheye   All classes in Skyforge here, and damn the Alchemist looks so cool i want to play it now :)

Mechooh oh it's not a Ratonga it's a Guinea pig! :)
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MechoLooking better than I thought it would!!! :)
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Mechohop hop hop? Looks good!!!! :)
Skyforge - Gamescom Twitch Livestream
Skyforge | At Gamescom 20...
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Mecho   same here just registered. I have no idea if it will actually be any good but from what I read and see on youtube it all looks interesting enough! I need something new now :)
Boudica   I signed up for the beta, one of the guy in the vid talked about free to play game. so the game is free to play then? gonna have a cash shop or something?
Mecho   I think so Boudica and that might kill it for me, we will see. I really would like to see subs coming back!
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you dont need tanks everything can be kited anyway :)
Man i was in a real pug today. the guy that joined as a tank change class to dps when he entered the dungon. it was not me
redeem the code in your account, log into game and click on shiny box in inventory..happy days :)
oh la la!! [link]